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TV Broadcast Stations

TV broadcasters are a part of the core target group within the broadcast industry. With, we offer a flexible system that can be easily integrated into existing systems. Indeed, we have already established a connection to AVID as well as MAM systems.

Compliance Recording

Compliance with the laws of live recording requires 90 days of recording the same program. Within this realm, small things such as video text and live subtitles play an important role. Naturally, offers all of these. With one click, loop recording is set up, recorded live in MPEG-2 for 90 days, and automatically overwritten. Individual clips are easily extracted in the EPG.

Editorial TV

With, business access to a common research and live TV usage archive is available without additional investment. We bring the content to the copy editor via browser, who can then edit the recordings (e.g. a 30 day archive of all German broadcasts), extract them from a loop recording, or watch live TV.

Web Export

Exporting in a diverse range of codecs is made possible through the universal transcoding engine. Forwarding of live recordings to CMS systems is automatic and accomplished without intermediate steps.


Keeping an eye on the competition and program planning are important functions in every production house. With, we offer the ideal tool to record, evaluate, and use formats to create presentations.

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