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Our company, Xeatre, bears the same name as its core product, the live recording and archiving system,


The core of our business: with, we deliver a highly scalable, browser-supported software solution for IPTV, archival, and live recording. is specially tailored for the demands of production companies, TV broadcast stations, press officers, and advertising agencies. It is based on the open source technology of the specialist company Open Source Factory, which was founded in 2004 and has its main office in Munich.


We specialize in the application and professional implementation of open source technologies; for many years we have been active in projects in the field of digital video. Our colleagues and co-workers are passionate, experienced Linux professionals who belong to an elite inner circle of VDR developers. In the course of our endeavors we have cultivated years of experience in directly dealing with the associated open source technologies Linux and VDR.


With our solutions we bring you on-the-spot, flexible, and highly professional IPTV, streaming, live recording, and archival software, both on demand and individually tailored to meet your specific needs.


Our company is a member of a strong group of organizations who are cutting-edge leaders in the European Linux and open source markets.

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